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Erica Weiner 'Dimondz & Pearlz' Necklace (Ombre)

Image of Erica Weiner 'Dimondz & Pearlz' Necklace (Ombre)

$75.00 - On Sale

In this dainty design an ombre gradient of rough, unpolished, tiny (2-3mm each) white/grey/black diamonds are lined up on a slender gold-filled chain. The total necklace length is 43cm, the diamonds line up to about 12mm and each S-shaped clasp is hand-forged in Erica Weiner's Brooklyn studio.

*note this necklace is very fine and the diamonds are tiny - the first photo is a close-up to show the detail. Being handmade, using rough diamonds each necklace will vary.

Handmade in USA.

(Photos courtesy of Erica Weiner)